Close Up of Photo

As you look at the photo, note that although the white form looks solid, it is transparent. Many people can see a beard on the imposing form and a soft red stain on the left breast. Most people believe it is Jesus, including key personnel at the Vatican who met with us in October 1996. Some religious experts believe that the photo is St. Peter, since in ACTS V:15, there is reference to St. Peter looking over the sick. Other investigators of religious phenomenon see the shape of the Virgin Mary, since the bend of the head has been depict on many icons. Overall, religious experts, bishops, cardinals, and investigators of religious events feel that John has captured Jesus.

The grayish profile of a human-like face behind the man in the wheelchair with a semblance of white arms embracing the chair appears to be how the devil has been portrayed.  Years after John took this photo,  we saw the same exaggerated profile in a chapel in San Giovanni Rotondo, which was painted from a description given by Padre Pio, who said it was a likeness of Satan. Again, no physical presence was pushing the wheelchair, as noted by the man’s posture propelling his own chair, and no shadow of the form.  We saw the man propelling himself away from the center light.  Jesus overlooks the devil, as it appears in our photo, where the human-like face (grayish) and white figure is behind the man in the wheelchair.  Regardless, the form is a spiritual presence only appearing in our photo and, now, stimulating our consciousness.

Look closely at the picture, two angel apparitions kneel near the person in the red sweater who was obviously unaware of the angels. Wings of another angel apparition extend past the calf of the woman with dark slacks. Smaller, swan-like apparitions circle the more solid figure. The grand figure and white apparitions have no shadows like the people do.

Another curiosity is the ball of orange between the windows over St. Peter’s tomb, which was not visible when the photo was taken, since the day had been cloudy and rainy. We saw the eight foot white alabaster dove, no burst of light.  This orange ball has been explained by religious leaders as the Holy Spirit.

We have no scientific explanation for John’s photo, just awe for capturing a miracle. We do believe, however, that John took this photo for a reason.

May this picture lift your spirit, heart, and faith, as it has ours.