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May this photo bring you blessings


Our Story

St. Peter’s Basilica, in Rome, Italy,
in 1995  photographed by
John Manousso

John Manousso took this photo in Rome, Italy, on 18 May 1995 at St. Peter’s Basilica in front of the altar over St. Peter’s crypt, while visiting family in Italy on his way to Santorini, Greece. John was not going to take any photos because it was about 5 P.M. and quite dark in the unlit church from the overcast sky.  However, look at the photo with the white imposing figure that he found when he developed his roll of film.

The shape of light

The white form, the solid white orb, in the ray of light was not there, in the least, not visible to the eye, when John took this photo. Neither were the angels visible by the window, by the people, or the human like-face behind the man in the wheelchair.

Letter of Authenticity

In Houston, Texas, at National Photo Lab (NPL), the twenty-four frames on the roll of film was forensically checked for superimposition, double exposure, errors, or other mechanical problems.  Moreover, photoshop wasn’t available commercially in 1995, so, conclusively, there was no film tampering or abnormality.


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John’s Camera

John opened the lens manually of his mini-zoom
35-70 Leica with Kodak 200 film, pointed, shot, and expected a dark, obscure picture because of the outside dusk. He uneventfully took five more photos, finishing the roll, and left. 

What we didn’t see

No statues or paintings were in the middle of the floor, and, nothing peculiar had happened or had been visible to create or capture any image.   Two years later, John found out, while reframing his miraculous photo on a subsequent Vatican visit, that he had been standing on the circle that represents the Basilica of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

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About John Manousso

John Manousso was born and raised in Ethiopia.  His blood is Greek, but his passport was French, until he arrived in Houston, February 1961.  For years, now an American citizen, he enjoys traveling to see his family who live all around the world.


Our Mission

“When this photo was taken, I didn’t know what I had captured on the film.  However, as I looked at the picture on our way back to Houston, I deemed it a miracle, which it has become for my health,” said photographer John Manousso.  “Religious experts and clergy have since confirmed my impression.”

Our Vision

My interest is to share our photo with everyone.  We have distributed almost a million copies, since 1995.  Because of the costs involved, we do charge for a copy, but we keep the price to a minimum.  Worldwide, those who have received a copy have sent us beautiful letters on what the photo has meant to them and their families.  It has inspired renewed belief and comfort. The message from these letters seem to be that we aren’t alone in our lives.  We often can’t see the miracles around us.  I was blessed to see my miracle upon developing this photo, although it was not in my sight at the time.

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We are happy to make a copy of our photo from the original print for your church, office, or home.  Great gift of faith to share.

Pray. Believe.  Be Blessed.

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